Amazing Video Showing How Bitcoin Really Works

Yesterday I came across an amazing video which shows how cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, actually work. The video was created by Grant Sanderson of 3blue1brown.

Animating Math

3blue1brown, is a YouTube channel which aims to educate through animating math. The videos break down complex math problems into easy-to-follow animations with narration. For anyone following Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general, this is a real eye-opener into the mind-boggling (for most of us) concept behind digital currencies and they how work.

It’s easy to see how this groundbreaking innovation is poised to take over every aspect of our modern lives—and not just currency. Whether Bitcoin survives or not, Blockchain technology is here to stay, and it will be fascinating to see how it is developed and used in the coming years and decades. We truly are living in a time of historic change. It should not be underestimated how powerful blockchain technology is.

The video is 26 minutes long, but worth every second…

If you feel sufficiently educated after watching the video, why not pop over to Grant’s website and send him a small donation.

In the video above, Grant mentions his follow up video about 256-bit security—and how secure it really is. It’s very interesting to see just how much computing energy is required to try crack 256-bit security, so I suggest you watch this short 5 minute follow-up video as well.

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If you managed to wrap your head around all that and are interested in how to get started buying Bitcoin and other digital currencies, visit my free Beginner’s Guide for easy-to-follow introduction to buying cryptocurrencies.