Free Google Sheets Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker

A free and simple cryptocurrency portfolio tracker

Hopefully by now you have read through my Beginner’s Guide for Canadians looking to get started buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. if not, check it out, it’s a very simple quick-start guide to buying your first digital currency as a Canadian resident.

If you have been purchasing cryptocurrencies you know that it makes sense to keep a record of your transactions and portfolio value. There are some great desktop and mobile apps out there that already do this. For example, Blockfolio for iPhone and Android is amazing – I use it everyday!

However, I also wanted to have something that was even easier to use and was available to me no matter what happens to any app I use, or for example if my phone or laptop was lost or stolen. So I started working on creating a simple digital currency portfolio tracker in Google Sheets. The idea is to make it easy to see your digital currency portfolio details at a glance.

Google Sheets Portfolio Tracker

Using a free Google Sheets add-on called CRYPTOFINANCE, I was able to build a simple Google Sheets file with the following features…

  • Add and track fiat deposits and withdrawals that you make at exchanges (CAD, USD, EUR),
  • Add and update your Bitcoin and altcoin balances,
  • View a doughnut chart of your overall portfolio holdings,
  • View percentage allocations for all currencies in your portfolio,
  • View overall gains/losses as both a percentage and CAD value.

Once you download my free file using the link below, you need to add and activate the CRYPTOFINANCE add-on. There is a very nice guide posted over on Medium, so I suggest you head over there and read the simple instructions. I think you’ll really love this cool add-on, so feel free to drop him a donation using the details at the bottom of his setup instructions.

Using the free Google Sheets portfolio tracker

As mentioned above, the first step after you open the file is to add the CRYPTOFINANCE add-on. Once you have completed that step, you should see all the values start to populate. I have added some sample values to the file so that you can see it in action right away. The screenshot below is what you should see once you have activated the add-on.

Download my free Google Sheets Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker for Canadians and easily keep track of your digital currency portfolio
Download my free Google Sheets Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker for Canadians and easily keep track of your digital currency portfolio.

Portfolio Tab

The first thing you should do in the ‘Portfolio’ tab is zero all values in column B so that you can start your own portfolio from scratch. After that, you only ever need to change the coin values in column B. Everything else will auto-update across both tabs. So, for example, if you purchase 10 Litecoin (LTC), you would add that amount to the cell at B4.

There are some additional features – such as price source, market cap, market volume, currency and more – that you can configure using the CRYPTOFINANCE add-on if you need to. Again, the instructions explain these options in more detail.

Funding Tab

The ‘Funding’ tab is a great way to keep track of your cash deposits and withdrawals at exchanges. It is a very simple ‘money in’, ‘money out’ balance. However, it is great so you can keep an eye on how much cash you have invested at any one time. The screenshot below shows the example values loaded in the file after you open it for the first time.

Use the free Google Sheets Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker to keep track of all fiat deposits and withdrawals at cryptocurrency exchanges
Use the free Google Sheets Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker to keep track of all fiat deposits and withdrawals at cryptocurrency exchanges.

On this tab, all you need to change are the date values in column A, and then the corresponding deposit values in columns B, C or D. You can also add a note in column E so that you can keep track of where you deposited or withdrew this amount to/from.

The cells at G3 and G4 are the Canadian equivalent of the EUR and USD totals at the bottom of their respective columns, C and D. This is just so that you can easily see your total CAD investment. This total CAD investment is what is used to calculate the dollar and percentage value gains or losses.

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Trades Tab

The ‘Trades’ tab can be used to record all your trades and orders on various exchanges. It is optional, but can be very helpful in viewing a more precise profit/loss figure, as it includes a ‘Fees’ total and takes this into account when calculating the overall portfolio gain/loss.

The sheet is setup with some sample rows for the following trades:

  • Coinbase Buy
  • Quadriga Buy Order
  • Quadriga Sell Order
  • Exodus/Shapeshift Exchange*

* The fee paid on Shapeshift can vary depending on the coins and amount exchanged. This will need to be manually calculated and entered.

The sample rows have been added with calculations appropriate to each exchange and trade type. For example, the Coinbase ‘Buy’ rows (green colour) are setup to calculate the 3.99% purchase fee. Whereas the Quadriga ‘Buy’ and ‘Sell’ rows are setup to calculate the Quadriga 1% trade fee.

When creating a new row, make sure you copy the correct row. For example, only copy a Coinbase ‘Buy’ row when adding a new Coinbase purchase.

NOTE: I have not included digital currency blockchain fees as these are harder to calculate and are small enough to not distort the portfolio figures to any great extent.

That’s it! As you can see it is a very simplified tracker, but also provides some valuable information. The great thing is that you can save this file in your own Google Drive account and keep it private. This way you can always have access to your portfolio balance without worrying about losing your phone or laptop.

FREE Download

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Grab a copy of my free Google Sheets Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker below. Click the download button below, then click ‘Make a copy‘ when prompted. If you are not already logged in, login to your Google account now, and a private copy of the file will be saved to your Google Drive for your own personal use.