Red Pulse – The Sharing Economy For Chinese Market Research

Red Pulse, a Shanghai-based firm specializing in financial analyses, has an exciting new product. The core offering is the promise of distributed platform, providing access to quality, timely market research for those looking to invest in the second largest economy in the world—China.

Red Pulse aims to streamline the production, distribution, and consumption of market research within its distributed platform, utilizing the Red Pulse token (RPX) to make it all happen.

The current Red Pulse platform has been operational since 2015. According to the Red Pulse website, it is currently being used by leading financial institutions and Fortune 500 corporations. Their plans include introducing the RPX token to a new streamlined platform which can take advantage of the NEO blockchain and NEO smart contracts.

The public crowd sale of the Red Pulse token (RPX) happened on October 8, 2017. It gained a lot of attention at the time as it was the first ICO to launch on the NEO platform. The RPX token was priced at $0.035 during the ICO. At the time of press, RPX was trading at approximately CAD$0.20 (0.00000905 BTC), a return of over 440% to date.

This is an exciting platform, and we’ll be keeping a close eye on Red Pulse throughout the coming months. You can follow the Red Pulse platform development on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit.

Red Pulse (RPX) is currently being traded on the Kucoin exchange.